10 Spot Shooting Drill

Here is a basketball drill that will allow you to improve your shooting while also improving some of the other subtleties that separate good players from bad players.

This basketball drill features high shot repetition, intensive pivot work, effective ball handling, agility and conditioning.

Pick 10 spots on the floor that you feel you will shoot from in your games. There should be 5 spots on one side of the basket and the same 5 on the other side. It is very important that you work on both sides of the basket.

Start under the basket with the ball. Toss a "spin out" to the first spot. A "spin out" is a toss of the ball on which you put significant backspin on. The backspin will force the ball to bounce up in the air instead of rolling away.

After tossing a spin out, chase the ball and catch it on the first bounce. Use a right foot pivot to square to the basket. Once squared, shoot the ball.


After shooting the ball, sprint after the rebound. If the shot missed, put it in the basket on the rebound. After rebounding, spin out to the 2nd spot, pivot and shoot.

After rebounding, spin out to the 3rd spot. Continue until you have shot from all 10 spots.

Once you finish the 10th spot, start again, going back the other way, using a left foot pivot.


After shooting from the 10th spot, go to the foul line and take 5 foul shots.

After your foul shots, begin again, using a different pivot.

Take 5 foul shots in between each rotation.

After using all your pivots, continue the drill using 1 dribble moves. Make the same move from all 10 spots, going both ways, using both pivot feet.

Set a goal of 300 shots, which would be 15 rotations going in both directions. That will also give you 75 shots.

Pivots to practice (using both feet as a pivot foot) – Front pivot, inside pivot, drop-step to inside pivot.

Dribble moves to practice – Jab and go, crossover, rocker.

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