Wing Combo

Drill Purpose
Teaches footwork, shooting on the move, change of direction, explosion to the basket.

Drill Instructions and Diagrams
Please note: Two balls are needed for this drill
  1. Place a chair at the right elbow.
  2. Place a 2nd chair outside the 3-point line; a little higher than the chair above the elbow.
  3. Put a ball on each chair.
  4. Player starts on the right block.

  1. Player cuts up the lane, inside the chair.
  2. Player scoops the ball and turns outside the chair for the jump shot.

  1. Immediately after jump shot, player cuts to 2nd chair.

  1. Player picks up ball from 2nd chair, executes a pivot (step-thru, drop step, inside pivot, etc.) and makes a direct 1 dribble lay-up. If a re-bounder is available (2nd player/coach), the re-bounder retrieves the balls and hustles to replace the balls on the chairs. This will allow the shooter to work continuously.

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