A play to get a 3 point shot at the end of the game : Zipper up Runner

Coach Vonn Read has submitted several plays from his book The Basketball Encyclopedia of Plays to the Coaching Toolbox. Vonn is currently serving as an assistant in the Women’s at Syracuse.

He has also served as an assistant coach in the WNBA with the Phoenix Mercury, Orlando Miracle, and San Antonio Silver Stars. He was an advanced scout for the Orlando Magic as well as The Charlotte Sting.

This is a very good play to run at the end of a game to get a 3 point shot.
Basketball Plays 

The 5 player will set a Zipper screen for the 1 player popping to the top.

Basketball Plays

The 4 player will set a Brush Ball Screen for the 1 player.

The 3 player will run off a double screen by the 5 and 2 player along the baseline.

Basketball Plays

As soon as 2 sets the fake screen for the 3 player on the baseline, the 2 player will sprint hard opposite through the elevator screen set by the 4 and 5 players for the 3-point shot.

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